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Andjela Tomic

Ik collecteer omdat:

One of the biggest sticking points in the fight for women’s rights, was and still is patriarchal believe that women were born to be lesser than men, and in all religions it was prohibited for women to study, go to the school, to be a writer, to be a creative, proactive, and especially to be a scientist and inventor. Situation is not bright even today.
In the same time through the history there were women who were fighting for their freedom, who were doing their scientific projects, but because of whole society pressure most of them are still unknown.
That is why I would like to remind you on all those women who were able to make light, bright light from the shadow to change to world. That echo is here, and that is why we all have to help that echo to go on, to continue and spread around.
Here are some names, but please, you have to know this is just a few, list is much, far longer. Ada Lovelace, Emilie du Chatelet, Mary Somerville, Lise Meitner, Doroty Hodgkin, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Hedy Lamarr, Margaret Hamilton, Nashwa Eassa, Nagwa Abdel Meguid, Hayat Sindi….
On Friday July 6, Mama Cash is organizing a fundraising activity under the title ‘Meisjes die vragen’ (Girls who ask). Our goal? To raise €10,000 in 10 hours for feminist activism in the Netherlands.
Women’s rights are still under pressure – in the Netherlands too. Money is needed in order to be able to support as many projects of feminist groups as possible. In order to raise that money, we could of course invest in canvassing on the street or telephone calls from a call centre. But that is a costly, fairly unfocused investment. .
My jump from the air-plane, skydiving tomorrow, will be one small symbolic act to remind us all on those women who were constructing and making parachutes by themselves, and being brave to test them, and also to bring light to each of you to join us in the action 10.000 in 10 hours for feminist activism with your donation.

Andjela Tomic



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